40 Flowers for Grief: A Weekly Journal to Help Overcome Debilitating Grief and Depression

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Help put words to your own grief and depression. Between the years of 1991 and 1992, I recorded by own healing process. It was a difficult journey and required many things of me, especially that of cooperating with the healing process. For all of my childhood and most of my adult life, I have suffered from crippling grief and depression which did not respond to normal techniques of therapy. In late life, I found two therapists, one after the other, who were qualified to help me with my set of spiritual problems. The result was the healing of my mind, soul and spirit. The ability to learn how to cooperate with them and this is what the book is about. The book records my thoughts, difficulties and life experiences which made healing so impossible for those many years. It also records the thoughts, images, and techniques that I used to facilitate healing and to maintain healing in these past several years. 

Excerpts from the Book: