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Women’s Issues

Lincoln Journal Star Article (April 1, 1995) Women Forced Into Stereotypes Connie Backus-Yoder I want a book called, “You, too, can be photogenic.”! Cameras are fully unloving and unsympathetic to my form and person. I see an image of myself bordering embarrassment and shame on unloveliness of my person. A ...
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Banish the Beast of Depression

Lincoln Journal Star Article (April 8, 1995) Connie Backus-Yoder Depression: an evil beast; ruining one’s sense of well-being, stealing confidence, hope, fulfillment and relationships. A person anguished by depression lives in undefinable darkness. Energy and love become melted masses of quiet or raging atomic anti-matter turned destructively inward. They become ...
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  • Hymnology in History