Literan of Women for the Last Days Of the Revelation

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Literan is a liturgy for the empowerment of those who have not been given full stature in this experience called life. They are women, the poor, and those who are not able to take part in the dominating culture. It begins with an introit of a person wanting a better life and mourns being locked into position as the tree or the prey of the strong. The person cries out to her Mother/Father God, Mother Wisdom. They want to fly with her breath and to enter the holy place of guidance to fully enter into what is to be. It follows by a prayer to “Our kind and graceful Mother” who created us in wisdom. The prayer is asked in the name of justice for the preparation of the Day of the Bride of the Revelation and the Dawn of the New Creation. It follows with the Prayer to our Father who looks upon the sons of men who have made God�s honor a reproach and who continue to follow after that which is worthless and aiming at deception. The Credo follows with affirmation of several “I believe…” I believe in One God, Father and Mother, in man, in woman, in the Son, in the Daughter, in the harmony of all things, and in that day when all shall be made right. The Literan includes Three Woes: ignorance, injustice and oppression. It also includes a promise to the Bride of the New Revelation. She shall also do the work of the Son and rebuild the ancient ruins. The penultimate piece concerns the marriage of the Bride, symbolic of the dualistic experience now made whole. She cries “Come, come, come all who thirst, drink the water of life”. 

Table of Contents – from “Literan for Women” � 1997

Literan 1 Introit
Literan 2 Psalm of Favor to God our Mother
Literan 3 Kyrienne
Literan 4 Psalm IV Prayer to God our Father
Literan 5 Blessing
Literan 7 Credo
Literan 8 Curse of the Three Woes: Ignorance, Injustice, Oppression
Literan 9 Intent of the Bride of Revelation
Literan 10 The Promise
Literan 11 The Marriage of the Lamb
Literan 12 Celebration of the Daughter of Creation

Credo – from “Literan for Women” � 1997

I believe in One God, Father and Mother,
maker of woman,
maker of man,
maker of all things
through wisdom and love.

I believe in woman, through whom
the Son was born and
through whom the Daughter will be born
through God’s Spirit,
to bring us the Creation anew.

I believe in man,
for whom
the Son was born
and for whom
the Daughter will be born,
through God’s Spirit,
to bring us salvation
and light.

I believe in the Son,
bearer of Wisdom,
who was crucified by temporal power
and buried.

I believe in the resurrection of the body
and the power of Love.

I believe in the Daughter, bearer of the new creation,
for whom all things will be made new. I believe in the call to drink of the water of life
which was brought forth
by the blood of visionary women and men for the manifestation of that
which was deemed impossible.
I believe in the daughters and sons of prophecy,
chosen to prepare the heavens and the earth
in love and equality
of that which was declared as the other
in the love of power
and might.

I believe in the harmony
of all things yet to be.

which have not been because of selfish
and covetousness mortals
who declared creation
for themselves.

I believe in That Day
when all things
shall be made right,
when the low
shall be exalted
and the True One
shall reign
in the power
and might of Love.