Sunday School

There are six blocks in this wall hanging that are obvious pieces of artwork. Each of the hand-drawn and colored blocks were created by a young person in the Middle School Sunday school class. I was asked to create a quilt which was to include each art piece to be given to one of the teachers who had undergone a health crisis. Easy, huh??? Not!!! It took me a little over a year to come up with the idea because I wanted it to be original and to offset each block properly. I research I don’t know how many quilt books for ideas. All to no avail. Then one day I was looking in my notebooks just for the heck of it and saw this block idea that I had done a few years back and I knew that was the block I was supposed to use. I ransacked my fabric stash and found glorious fabric and, of course, had to purchase more. What can I say?? I love the fabric. Anyway, I was amazed at how the design brought out the beauty of each individual block and how they all combined into one cohesive whole which is professional looking and interesting. I am not for sure who all of the donors were since they did not have names on all of the blocks, but I do know two of them. The “moon” block was created by Nora, whose quilt is two quilts over, and the top “cross” block was created by Liz, next to this quilt. It is a small world after all.