Tears in the Garden of an Innocent Heart

This is an original block design by me called Paradise. I used it in this design to symbolize that the paradise of a child’s life is sometimes shattered by interruptions of horror by abuse. I wanted people to focus on the beauty of the quilt while at the same time remembering that abuse of children and women is at an all time high all over the world. Innocence is destroyed at the whim of people who use others for their own pleasure. These tears cannot often be expressed and the pain a person experiences is so deep that it forever changes the person’s life, values, and belief in goodness. Maybe when everyone realizes the pain in their own sphere of being they can effect change in their sphere of influence. Each person has his or her own story to tell and healing quilts facilitate the process. Symbols are sewn in the design which gives meaning to the person. It is a way to give voice to one’s grief.