Nora and Elizabeth

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Friendship: a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. This is the reason that I like attending the church I attend, which is St. Mark’s On the Campus Episcopal. The people there are loving and full of friendship for one another. When I began to attend there in 1999, I was welcomed with open arms of love, and it made such an impact on me that the next year I became a member. I had already had the wonderful experience of acceptance and love as a member of First Plymouth UCC Congregational Church in the 90s that I really had no reason to leave except that I felt God was calling me to do just that. So I did. It was at St. Mark’s that my love of working with fabrics to make liturgical vestments flowered. Of course, the next avenue for creative activities was making quilts. Among the first was for my friend, Holly, and my son, Kenneth’s girlfriend, Buffy. And now look where it has all led. The young women who own these quilts are to me example of what friendship is all about. They are 8th graders on the cusp of life. Their friendship will probably last for a long, long time. I have friends that I have not seen for 25 years or more, but the memory of our friendship is a stabilizing force in my life. And friendship with those “older” friends and “newer” friends is a foundation of my personality that will never leave me. And even in my quest for solitude in these days, I am still emotionally close to my friends. The quilt for Nora came first around two years ago, along with one for her sister, Helen. I am friends with their mother and have been since coming to St. Mark’s. She is a very valued mentor to me also. The idea for a quilt for Liz came early last fall. I had a lot of fabric left over and it was just laying around. One day, the idea popped into my mind that maybe I should make a quilt for Liz. I had seen their friendship every week and thought how great to have that. To me, it is a way to describe what friendship is. You have the same fabrics, even though new fabric can be added. However, the fabric itself is used in different ways to come up with an altogether new creation. You can see, even, that some of the blocks are the same. The blocks are supposed to be the same size, yet you can see that one quilt is slightly larger than the other. Go figure!!!