It Aint All Black and White

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If you notice, there are no blocks alike in the inner portion of the quilt. There are 64 blocks and each of them is arranged in a different order using the black and white fabrics. Same concept in each of the blocks, too – a quarter circle in a block. There are some people who would make you believe that everything is black and white. No exceptions, and no shades in between. Well, they are wrong. Everything is an underlying meaning or theme or reason for being. If 64 blocks could be made using four points of diversity, i.e. black fabric, white fabric, quarter portion and non-quarter portion of the block, imagine how diverse this world is with 100,000 or more points of diversity. If I were to symbolize the red part of the quilt, I suppose it would be to describe life itself – the red stuff pumping through our bodies which draws from the oxygen that our lungs breathes in as it does its job. But it could also be the lifeblood of the prophets through the ages which gives us our values as boundaries in all of our diversity. And I am not just talking about Jewish prophets, prophets that have been adopted by Christianity, but also prophets of all religions that bring order, kindness, mercy, caring about others, and above all, love to our existence. I aint all black and white!!